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    Default Get ready for a spooky integration of The Buddy Project and It's Complicated on Channel V

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    Yesterday, we wrote the heart-breaker of a news that The Buddy Project will not be back with a Season 3 on Channel V. Well, letís gulp the truth with a pinch of salt and move on!!

    And of course, get ready for the last big Ďhungamaí created by the Ďbuddiesí!! Yes, this Friday, viewers will see a cross-over episode between Sunshine Productionsí The Buddy Project and Itís Complicated.

    We hear that this will be one fun crazy episode where the buddies headed by KD (Fahad Ali), Ranveer (Kunal Jaisingh) and Piddi (Nikhil Mehta) along with Complicatedís Maddy (Aalekh Kapoor), Bappa (Aru Verma), Rocky (Mayank Kalra), Jo (Smriti Khanna) will go on a fascinating treasure hunt.

    A source states, ďAll the friends will get an SMS asking them to come to a particular haveli. On getting to the place, they will realize that itís a treasure hunt game wherein they will have to pay Rs. 2500/- per head, and on successfully completing the treasure hunt the winning team will get a cash prize of Rs. 10 lakh. Hence, they will get divided into three teams and will begin the treasure hunt.Ē

    However, the evidence of spooky incidents inside the haveli will scare them out as the track will progress. The task will get so complicated that few in the teams will disappear. And to top it all, few in the teams will come face to face with vampire like creatures, and things will go haywire for the buddies.

    As the track will proceed, the buddies will get to know that the vampires would actually be humans scaring them with an ulterior motive.

    Will the buddies join hands and defeat the plan of this gang?

    Get ready for this scary yet hilarious journey of the friends..



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