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    Default Ram Awana to play the role of Rocky's uncle in Channel V's It's Complicated

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    If a show is named Itís Complicated, itís obvious that complicated situations will surface as per the plot every now and then. And the new confusion in Channel Vís above show will add drama to the plot.

    Hereís what will unfold.

    As we know, Rockyís (Mayank Kalra) IQ level is close to being nil and his Ďintelligenceí will agitate a lot of people in the upcoming tracks.

    Rockyís smart and clever neighbour Urvashi (Tanya Sharma) will be extremely happy about something and in her joy she will end up kissing Rocky on his cheek.

    The muscled man will assume it to be a proposal for marriage and ring up back home inviting his family to fix things for the duo. Unaware of the actual situation Rockyís uncle Kalu will come down to Mumbai to finalise the marriage only to learn that Urvashi has no such feeling for him.

    The role of his uncle will be played by actor Ram Awana, last seen in Colorsí Durga.

    When contacted the actor he confirmed his entry and said, ďKalu is a comic character who would be a bit miffed with his nephewís decision to marry a girl out of the blue.Ē

    This fun filled episode will air tonight.



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