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    Default I am most comfortable in my nightwear, my ganji and shorts: Smriti Khanna

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    Smriti Khanna, the vivacious and feisty girl-next door portrays the very charming fashionista Jo on Channel Vís Itís complicated. In conversation with us, the pretty lady gives us some amazing tips on fashion. Take a look.

    Fashion isÖ

    Fashion is something very personal. I believe people shouldnít blindly follow the catching up trends but create something new and original.

    Who chooses your clothes?

    I choose my own clothes. I donít like someone else picking clothes for me.

    Do you wear accessories?

    Yes I own many accessories especially neckpieces. But I only wear them when required. I like donning a watch too.

    Do you follow any brands?

    I am not really brand conscious but I like shopping from Zara and Forever21. Itís young and lively.

    Favourite shopping destination?

    I love shopping in Thailand. Last year I visited it more than five times and shopped my heart out.(laughs)

    Your most expensive buy?

    Itís by LB bag.

    Clothes you are comfortable in?

    I am most comfortable in my nightwear, my ganji and shorts. I donít mind wearing them throughout the day! (laughs). When I am working I prefer something casual, decent and comfy.

    Must have in your wallet?

    You might not find cash in my wallet but will definitely find my cards, a sanitizer and mint.

    Favourite perfume?

    It is Clinique Happy. There are these new cost-friendly and amazing fragrances by Zara too that everybody should checkout.

    Describe sale in one word?

    People buy crap in the name of sale just because they find something at a relatively cheaper cost. But it does make people happy.

    Currently your wardrobe is overflowing with?

    Trendy dresses from Zara and Forever 21.

    You have had the hardest time getting dressed for?

    It was during the premiere of my Punjabi film Jatt. I was really confused and didnít know what would suit the occasion.

    Any fashion disaster you have come across recently?

    Yes. I went to a party and there was this girl in a red dress and everything she wore including her accessories were matching. Her makeup was really loud and red in color (laughs). People wearing shimmering clothes should keep their make-up subtle.

    If you had to choose a fashion era; which period would it be?

    It has to be the 70ís especially with the extended eyeliner and stylish hair up-dos in terms of make-up, and polka dots in clothing.



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