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    Default How do we strive to attain true happiness??

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    How do we strive to attain true happiness??

    What do we really want in our lives that makes us happy?? A best job, beautiful home, lavish life style, perfect health…if we consider deeply we will come to a very basic solution that is inner peace. Peace in our life has very significant value. The peaceful foundation is created by mutual trust and communication of spouses within homes. A man has vital roles in his life as a husband, a father a brother or a son likewise a woman has so many roles to attend a wife, a sister a daughter or a mother
    I m going toi disscuss the role of man first as Allah has made him dominant and QIWAM of his house. As a woman we really don’t expect too much honestly speaking I’ve seen a lot of women complaining about their husbands for tiny things but the real cause behind all those complains is very simple. A woman has a nature to get admired, to be praised, a little attention that’s not too much to ask isn’t it? Men on the other side most of the time are ignorant of this thing when well served they rarely appreciate but if when little mishap occurs they would say right away to their wife you don’t know a thing. If only the men learn the art of balancing in their lives between their relations. If good sons they are too good towards their own blood relations but on the other side if they are good husbands they can even kick out their own parents. Why its like this?

    The basic principle is what Hazrat Muhammad SAWS has taught us. How to treat your wives.. how to create balance in our lives. I really want to urge our Muslim brothers to treat their families according to Sunnah. It will solve more than half of their problems. When they serve their parents as better sons they must balance their relation ships with their wives as well, be it financial, moral physical or emotional support in real its very little their wives really want from them. I m not trying to prove their aren’t worse cases of women, in fact there’s a common saying in Urdu….urat hi urat ki dushman hoti hai but in most cases the true reason behind being an enemy for eachother is a man…a v famous example is saas vs bahu or bahu vs saas. If a man returns to his home he shouldn’t try to look for the faults in his home rather ignore the things he doesn’t lik. If he politely treats his wife gives respect makes him the queen of his home 99% chances are that a normal sane woman’ll attempt her best not to make her husband unhappy. She‘ll endeavour her utmost efforts to make her home a peaceful environment to live. When the basic foundation is set the whole family is going to be very perfect. I’ve seen a lot of examples where educated men try their best to avoid the suggestions from their wives, when after sometime they agree that what their wives had told them was a better option. I don’t know why we raise such sons in our society to make them fall into superiority complexes. Our dearest Prophet Muhammmad SAWS used to take suggestions from His wives. There are Ahadith to prove that from His life.

    The next and very important role in the home is of woman as a wife. We are well aware of this hadith that says “Women willl enter in jahanum because they are not obliged of their husbands”. This is because we tend to make our wish lists too complicated and long. We forget the basic life styles of Azwaje Mutaharaat and Sahaboiyaat (RTU). Only if we learn to MASTER a little game that’s called ”PATIENCE”’ll solve more than half of our problems rest is DUA…a relation to Allah that must be always maintained.
    We tend to make little things too fussy that our own lives become a living hell. The worst thing we provide bad behaviour reports of our husbands to our own family. Results are disastrous because we forget that our respectful image is because of esteem of our husbands. The family of a woman must always play a positive role not by listening to each tiny evil things that their daughters tell them but by right guidance. Here I must say they shouldn’t remain positive when a husband’s abuse is crossing the limits too… like physical torture, verbally abusive language…thses kind of matters shouldn’t be taken lightly. But my point is little things that can be avoided. In the end I would like to conclude by saying that BALANCE, Communication and patience are very essential for husband and wife for creating a peaceful environment leading a true happy life together.

    Few tasbihaat that I would like to pass onto all the brothers and sisters that are proved quite beneficial for me are;


    You can do these tasbeehaat together or separate after any fard prayer...101 TIMES 99 TIMES OR AS U LIKE and make dua InshaAllah you’ll see the results but the keys are consistency, patience and Eman. Plz don’t think any Quraani ayat as Jalali wazzefah I have heard from people who say that Ayat kareema wazifaah is jalali. I don’t believe at all in such things as Quran is SHIFAA for Muslimeen…no zikar of Allah SWT can be jalali believe me.

    ...being a human...



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