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    Thumbs up You are Muslims but no time to offer daily prayer ( Namaz ) & FRIDAY Namaz

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    You are Muslims but no time to offer daily prayer ( Namaz ) & FRIDAY Namaz?

    I observe many of our Muslims do not offered Namaz on daily basis as they got exemption from God please do not put Namaz responsibilities on our sinful shoulder

    I saw many Muslims ONLY offered Friday Namaz but do not realized to offered daily basis Namaz perhaps they are same category group exempted from God.

    But those who utilizing countless GOD blessing but when in problem and sick remember god otherwise entire life when become healthy or no tension than god never remembered to them, these types of people are totally selfish and no need to call them as Muslims

    Namaz means accepting God blessing and thanks for giving you such beautiful blessing but why we human beings so greedy or selfish only remembered God in our daily life’s when come across problem or become sick, than no delay in offering namaz on daily basis this exercise done till God do not lift the problem given to you for testing how you re-acting or what is your re-action.

    I must say those brother and sisters who never missed their daily prayers ( NAMAZ ) and even try of offer NAMAZ-E-TAJUT are very luckily Muslims followers and whose children are performing such good deed than their parents should get 100% credit and become PROUD of their children obeying true Islam Path.

    I am much surprise and shocked when seeing people working in shop or offices do not spare time for daily Namaz which is its self a greatest sin to do not offer NAMAZ Deliberately ( without any genuine reasons ) are reserved or get advance booking to burn in HELL fire?

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( ALI ZAHID )

    ℓoѕт ιn ℓσνє

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    i agree every muslim should offer prayer butt we cant call kafir any one who belives in kalma . ALLAH knows better who r better muslims



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