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    I feel very bad when I hear anything bad about Islam . I like the way of Islam from my childhood . I think there is no other way that can be more perfect than Islam . Mainly in Europe many people are always saying bad words about Islam and also about our prophet(SM) and I cant make them understand ever . have you any idea to stop this?

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    as salam u alaikum

    Bismillah Hir-Rahma-Nir-Raheem

    islam is the only religion who stops to worship animals or humans. how can one worship something which can b eaten by worshipper or can b killed .human do mistakes how can anyone worship humans . Quran is the only book on earth which contains information abt every expect and everyfield of life from the creation of earth to Dooms day and even after that . Quran is the only book without any human knows everything but quran 's some ayaat proven by science .they tried hard to prove Quran wrong but failed. only Maker knows manual and Quran is our manual.who tells Quran to us. Hazrat Muhammad sal ALLAH o alehey waa lehi wasslam.for example if Hazrat Muhammad sal ALLAH O ALAHEY WA AALEHI WASSLAM tells human to worship Him (Nauzbillah) i m sure lots of people did that , but Hazrat Muhammad never allowed anyone to touch His feet and always promotes equalism.i m challenging anyone Hazrat Muhammad never did a sin . never told a lie . Hazrat Muhammmad lead a very simple life .He never yearns for wealth .. Khaana Kaaba is the pivot point of earth why not anyother religion have kibla like that. and its proven by science.zam zam is the purest water on earth science proven that.

    anyother explanation u wannna know u can contact insha ALLAH i will try to explain



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