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    Default A beautiful Eid Story

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    Walid received a car as a gift from his brother in the feast. On the day of Eid, when Walid came out of his house, there was a small child and a poor line on the new car. And shows deference. "Is it you, uncle? "Asked the child. Walid replied no, "This is a gift from my brother on the occasion of Eid." Surprised the boy

    "You mean your brother gave them did not cost you anything?". "Aah, I wish ..." but the frequency

    Of course, science and Walid why a child wants to wish for. Wanted to wish that his brother that is similar to his brother. But what he said that the boy was shocked and Walid from head to toe. "I wish," continued the boy, "If I be that brother" look and Walid to the boy in astonishment, then quickly added, "Would you like to do a tour in my car?

    "Oh ... I would like it really"

    After a short tour, he turned the boy, her eyes glistening, and then said: "Uncle, do you mind to lead the front of my house? Walid smiled a little, thinking that he understood what the boy wants to do. He wanted to see the neighbors to be able to lead the luxury car to his house. But Walid was wrong again. "Will you stopped at the stairs there? Asked the boy. Then went up the stairs. Shortly after he heard his voice coming Walid, but he was not coming quickly. He was carrying a small seat, his brother. Made him sit on the bottom rung, and the closeness of it and pointed to the car

    "That is, my little brother, just as I told you before. He had given her brother as a gift at the feast, and did not cost one penny. One day I'll give you one just like her .. Then you will be able to see for yourself all the wonderful things in the window of the shop and I was trying to tell you about

    Walid came down from the car and carrying a small child and put him in the front seat beside him and went up the oldest child with Allamotain eyes, and began their journey are the three that will not be forgotten. The understanding and Walid Eid contemplated what the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him when he said "I love your brother what you love for yourself

    If the. What will you be happy this holiday to someone else?
    ...being a human...

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    I Realy Like Your Thread.



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