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    Default DJ BaDBoY Presents Friday Nite Rockerz (2011)

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    DJ BaDBoY Presents Friday Nite Rockerz (2011) dR Siful islam

    01-Shut Down My Machuka
    02-Tipsy In The Club
    03-Favorite DJ
    04-Uh Ohhh Ainu Pata Chalgea
    05-Grown & Sexy
    06-Keep Sweatin
    07-Move That Damn Thing
    08-Beamer, Benz or Bentley (Part 2)
    09-Ay Chico Can You Hear Me (Yahoooo) (Prodz By JNp)
    10-Taste My Tongue Freak
    11-I Love Your Lady (Prodz By Zaheer)
    12-Pretty Boys Fantasy (Remix)
    13-Bang It On The Floor (Remix)
    14-Miss Round Chocolate (Remix)
    15-First Time
    16-Have A Baby By Meri Jaan Pt.2
    17-Nasty Girl
    18-Say Ahh
    19-I Wanna Make You Mine Angle (Part 3)
    20-OMG Lets Get Freaky
    22-Rule The world

    Download all Mp3 songs in one zip file

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