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    Default Club Edition Vol-1 DJ Vabs (2011)

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    Club Edition Vol-1 DJ Vabs (2011) New dR Siful islam


    01. Chadti Lehre-Udaan 2011 Mix-DJ Vabs

    02. Chori Kiya Re Jiya-Club Mix-DJ Vabs

    03. Chori Kiya Re Jiya-Ft Beautyful Girls-Mash Up Mix -DJ Vabs

    04. Club Cant Handle Me-Remix-DJ Vabs & Flo Rida (Feat David Guetta)

    05. Desi Kali-Electro Edit Mix-DJ Vabs

    06. Doorie-Atif Electro Mix-DJ Vabs

    07. Le Ja Tu Mujhe-House Club Mix-DJ Vabs

    08. Pee Loon-Bebot Mix-DJ Vabs

    09. This Girl -B.E.P EDIT-MaSh up Mix-DJ Vabs

    10. Tik Tok-Indian Drum Mix-DJ Vabs

    11. Tu Hi Haqeeqat-Electro House Mix-DJ Vabs

    12. Yeh Dooriya-Timberlake Mash Up Mix-DJ Vabs

    Download all Mp3 songs in one zip file

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