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    Default SRK launches new game show, India Poochega- Sabse Shaana Kaun on new GEC, &TV

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    Country’s biggest brand, Shah Rukh Khan launched Zeel’s latest GEC named &TV and with it a new game show quirkily titled, India Poochega - Sabse Shaana Kaun to be hosted by SRK himself. With this, the actor returns back to television after a long hiatus. SRK introduced the show by playing a mock round with members from the media fraternity.

    Commenting on the game show, the superstar said that the show’s connect with the common man is what will make it a winner. “In this show, the questions will be asked and answered both by the common man who will finally end up winning the prize money.”

    Elaborating on the reason behind having a title like Shaana, SRK said, “Shaana is not used here to denote someone who hits people beneath their ear lobes. Shaana here means you have to be street smart. &TV and Big Synergy team have also told me that Shaana also means someone who wins with shaan (style) and accepts with style that they know everything. Shaana is from the context of Shaandar and Shaan se.”

    While SRK has been seen in sporadic bursts on television, the actor said that it is lack of time that kept him away from the small screen for long. “I have not time to come back and also there has been a lack of interesting offers. I like this game show’s format of Q&A as I play it with my kids and friends. I find it interesting where a show doesn’t overtly seem like it is partaking or distributing general knowledge but instead having fun. So I wait for something like that to happen and it has happened with this show. It is not a serious show like KBC that Amitji hosts and neither is this similar to Paanchvi Paas which I have hosted. It’s a common platform where everyday things will be asked. It is more fun.”

    SRK who has not made a comeback into the fiction space in television after his serials on Doordarshan told us that if he ever makes a comeback on TV with a fiction, it will be with a thriller. Said SRK, “I would like to do a thriller. I have done saas bahu and social dramas in films. I don’t know if I would like to try that out in the television space. Historicals and period dramas are difficult because you have to wear a moustache and those heavy costumes which is not my thing. So I would prefer doing something that is more thrilling like a detective series. It could be an altogether new character like Karamchand or something.”

    Adapted from international game show "Who's Asking, Sabse Shaana Kaun is produced by Siddharth Basu of Big Synergy, the man behind the super successful game show, KBC. The launch date of Sabse Shaana Kaun has not yet been announced though sources suggest that March would be the time when the show would go on air on the new channel.

    Apart from Sabse Shaana Kaun, &TV has also a bevy of other shows lined up on their new channel like Razia Sultana, Begusarai, BhabhiJi Ghar Par Hai and Badii Devrani.



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