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    Default Selective censoring against the spirit of cinema: KHAP the latest victim

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    KHAP which was released this Friday has not been shown in Haryana, as the distributors are wary about inviting the wrath of the powerful Khaps. Though the film has not been able to make waves, otherwise, the sheer fact that the distributors did not have the guts to allow showing the movie, in itself is a pointer about the fact that indeed KHAP was going to touch the raw nerve of the Khaps somewhere.

    As a matter of fact, though the censor board clears a film for all India distribution, quite often it happens that a particular cinema is not released in a particular territory as it could dent the image of a political leader in that area or an ideology for that matter, non-release of KHAP all across Haryana, the Khap land, being a clear pointer about the fact. If we remember ZAKHM, which was the first film in all probability that underlined the fact that Ajay Devgn is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema, could only be released in Mumbai, once Mahesh Bhatt had to incorporate certain changes in the script. Mani Ratnam's BOMBAY had met the same fate, and a special screening had to be made for a particular political party so that it could give go- ahead for release of the film. Rahul Dholakia's film PARZANIA could never be released in Gujarat, as there was the perception that it could harm the image of the incumbency. MY NAME IS KHAN was also going to meet the same fate, but it was the assertion of the film going public against moral policing that won the day and the zealots had to back out.



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