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    Default The Rs 5.6-lakh Nissan Micra diesel is here!

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    One, belonging to any nationality, usually has an opinion on the population in India. One may also debate/discuss/argue/confer endlessly this topic.After all it is a country which absolutely loves its 1 billion, and growing, people.

    And let's just say you are part of the great metropolitan region of this country. Land is sold by the square centimeter and the roads are in a constant battle for space with either the real estate guys or the hawkers and if all else fail - pedestrians.

    Then you have to make a choice. One which will determine the way you live your days in the city. If you're stuck in traffic, what car would you like to be in?

    An extensive luxurious sedan which waits and waits for the traffic to crawl ahead. Or in a comfortable little hatchback that goes way ahead through the traffic?

    If you've picked the latter, let us introduce you to 'drum rolls' the new and polished Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd's Micra diesel - the Micra's diesel sibling.

    It will be launched on December 10 in India.

    The Micra diesel variant will be available in two trims -- the Micra XV Diesel and the Micra XV Premium Diesel -- and it will be offered in six colours -- Sunlight Orange, Blade Silver, Storm White, Pacific Blue, Onyx Black and Brick Red.

    We drove the Nissan Micra XV Premium Diesel before the launch and here is what we found...

    For starters, let us tell you that the pictures just don't do justice to the car.

    The Nissan Micra has cleaner curves and lines and oozes a lot more attitude on road than it the does on the posters and hoardings.

    With an overall length of 3780mm and overall width of 1665mm the car easily tackles traffic, small roads, gullies and anything city driving may spring on you.

    The small turning radius of 4.65 metres only adds to the drivability.

    On the highway its light, in control and very drivable.

    The visibility is commendable too. It's compact, even plush in a way and unless you're more than 6 feet tall, a very relaxed car to be in.

    The Nissan Premium XV comes stock with alloy wheels, other than that the exterior and styling is identical to the petrol variant of the car.

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