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    Reliance Games hopes to recreate Real Steel success with sequel
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    Default Reliance Games hopes to recreate Real Steel success with sequel

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    After a successful run with its Real Steel game, which raked in over 10 million downloads globally, Reliance Games has launched a sequel called 'Real Steel: World Robot Boxing' (WRB) for iOS and Android.

    The game will be a free download with in-app purchases.

    Reliance Entertainment Digital CEO Manish Agarwal told Business Today that the new game took about 13 months to develop and cost upwards of $1 million. "The game was developed completely in Pune. The cost would have been three to four times more had this been done outside India," he said.

    The first game was launched as an extension of DreamWorks' 2011 action movie Real Steel. While the movie failed to be a huge success at the box office, the game was one of the hits that year.

    Agarwal said the sequel has better graphics and gameplay because they had more time to develop the game. "We were not under any deadline pressure as there was no movie release to time the game launch with."

    However, packaging a game with a movie release has its own benefits. "The weeks of marketing hype that comes with a big ticket release usually takes care of the game discovery, which is our biggest issue," he added.

    Along with the new robots and arenas, the new game also features a multi-player mode where two players could game play each other on different devices. At present, the two devices connect over Wi-Fi, but in the coming weeks Bluetooth and online connectivity will also be added, said Agarwal.

    "Real Steel was among the first games to show the world that a successful global game can be made in India from scratch. The learning we got from our millions of fans has helped make the new game much better and more engaging," he added.



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