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    Default PVR's initiative to promote good cinema

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    Patrons have always been single handedly catalytic in promoting off the yore cultural activities, right from the time culture came as an expression of an element that could transpose one into an element of trance. For cinema as well, patronization from the government set up in the form of National Film Development Corporation has been single handedly instrumental in facilitating promotion of off-beat cinema and establishing identity of cinema on the world firmament as a place which had the capacity to enthrall, mesmerize and sweep of the feet a fan, using a motion picture. After the demise of NFDC, indeed it was a lively entity; the off-beat cinema was suddenly orphaned. However, after the advent of the multiplexes, this sector has received a shot in the arm.

    Now PVR Cinema wants to establish new frontiers to promote quality cinema and to encourage more cinema makers to continue to tread the off-beat path.

    As a part of this initiative PVR Cinema has decided to enter into an MOU with International Film Festival Ahmadabad (IFFA) to showcase non-mainstream films. As a part of this initiative, PVR would pick up five films from the non-mainstream section and provide them a window of display through their properties all across the country. This initiative would be managed by PVR's new Directors' Cut & Directors' Rare label, and the five films selected would have a limited release all across PVR properties. This new vertical of PVR theatres is coming at Vasant Kunj, the vicinity of the original abode from which PVR had started.

    In fact those who have grown around late eighties and early nineties in Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, the nostalgia of viewing English films in Priya cinema in late night shows is one of the fond memories, and one only hopes that by creating a new vertical in Vasant Kunj in Delhi, PVR would be able to revive the same nostalgia. After all, it is the same JNU crowd that is mad for cinema of such kind, and once when it starts show casing in the vicinity foot fall would not be a problem at all.

    Once the five selected films have been screened at Director's Cut, they will travel to other PVR properties across major metropolitan cities under a new brand of PVR, Director's Rare. By prefixing the initiative with " Director", PVR has indeed done a yeomen's service to those directors who owing to paucity of resources to publicize their films, get crowded out by mainstream cinema, would get a chance to show their films to the real aficionados.

    It is only hoped that other multiplex brand owners would follow up the initiative taken by PVR or would come up with an improvised version of the idea on offer by PVR, so that the experiment in cinema as a genre continues to prosper and proliferate and encourages more and more film makers to step aside from the assembly line and make the film that their heart desires, not the film that producer wants-with all routine masala.



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