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    Default Positive trend in ferrous, non-ferrous metals

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    Positive trend was seen in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals for the third consecutive day today on sustained demand from industrial users along with bullish trend from London Metal Exchange (LME), traders at the Bombay Metal Exchange (BME) said.

    In ferrous metal category, (per quintal), copper heavy and copper utensils soared by Rs 200 and Rs 100 per quintal respectively because of good demand from stockists.

    Copper heavy and copper utensils finished in the green at Rs 35,200 and Rs 32,700 per quintal respectively.

    Aluminium utensils, steady yesterday, improved by Rs 100 per quintal on improved demand to end at Rs 9,300.

    Other metals like brass utensils and brass cuttings remained unchanged because of moderate demand from local dealers.

    In non-ferrous metals category (per quintal), copper wire bars and zinc slab moved up by Rs 100 and Rs 200 per quintal respectively to end at Rs 38,500 and Rs 14,000 per quintal respectively on better buying support from stockists.

    Tin slab and nickel cathode also became costlier by Rs ten per kg each.

    Aluminium ignot and lead ingot remained unaltered on moderate demand, traders added.

    Following were the spot metal prices per quintal in Rupees.

    Ferrous metals: Copper heavy: Rs 35,200, Copper utensils: Rs 32,700, Brass utensils: Rs 24,800, Brass cuttings Rs 25,800 Aluminium utensils Rs 9,300.

    Non ferrous metals: Copper wire bars: Rs 38,500, Aluminium ingot: Rs 11,600, Zinc slab: Rs 14,000, Lead ingot: Rs 10,400. Tin slab: Rs 895 Nickel cathode: Rs 955 (per kg).


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