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    These days, filmmakers are not just limiting themselves into filmmaking. They are exploring the entire 360 degree gamut of the same. The film is question this time is The Blueberry Hunt in which the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah will be playing a marijuana planter. The same film, now, is being made into a graphic novel simultaneously, and will be released with the film. The USP of this is that the two versions will have different endings!

    For starters, the film is being directed by Anup Kurian, who had been endlessly waiting to launch The Blueberry Hunt, a flick that captures five harvesting days in the life of a recluse, who owns a plantation of a variant of marijuana in Kerala. Speaking about the film, Kurian said that they started shooting in July last year and the film was ready for release in December. But, he decided to wait because of the World Cup fever that was at its peak.

    As a part of the film's strategy, Kurian (who is a self confessed Alan Moore and Hayao Miyazaki fan), alongwith with illustrator Baburajan Muliyankeezhi, has been uploading one-page-a-day of the novel, on the Facebook page. He also added that the said book was evolved from the film, but they had to tweak the story of the novel for its format. In the same breath, he also added that, the graphic thingy is not a publicity stunt for the film and that he wants people to treat the two as different works of art. If that wasn't enough, he is toying with the idea of launching the novel in an iPad version as well!

    The Blueberry Hunt will be releasing on September 9 and will be distributed by PVR's Springboard Films.



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