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    Default Mind your language: SINGHAM and snafu in the cyber world

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    Naivety about a language, and its myriad interpretations by the present generations whose sensibilities are shaped and governed by English language, indeed leads to a situation where the results makes one despair about the level of awareness that present generation has about the words that are quite popular in our local lexicon. In SINGHAM the tagline being used by the character of Ajay Devgn is "Jisme Hai Dum toh fakt Bajirao SINGHAM", and it is the use of the word fakt, that is being interpreted as u know what. It indeed is really absurd that our youth in the country, particularly those who are quite active in the cyber world do not know what Fakt is, it is a pure Urdu word which means only, and if it is being interpreted as a cusp word, which is quite popular among the youth of the world, then Lord can only save the language.

    If it is being generated as a controversy associated with a cusp word, it can have a different manifestation as well, as the language chauvinists can raise the clarion call about the ignorance of youth associated with the word Fakt, in particular, in Maharashtra and even in certain parts of Karnataka, where Fakt is used quite expressively in conversation on a daily basis.

    May be, when Prakash Mehra had written the famous comic piece about English in his eponymous film, NAMAK HALAAL he would also not have fathomed that the interpretation of a word when viewed from a sensibility of English language could attain such myriad manifestation.



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