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    Default Konica Minolta claims top spot in product printing segment

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    Within three years of their launch in India, Japan's Konica Minolta has become a leader in the product printing market thanks to India's obsession for wedding photo books.

    The company now claims a 49 per cent market share in the segment ahead of Xerox.

    Though known globally for their cameras, Konica Minolta changed tack with the advent of digital images and stopped making cameras in 2006. The company started focusing on advanced imaging and networking technologies primarily aimed at the enterprise segment.

    Global sales head Jun Haraguchi, who was in New Delhi on September 30, said India was an important market for the company as growth in developed countries has flattened or started shrinking. "In fact, India is doing better that many other markets, including China," he said.

    The company is eyeing Rs 300-crore revenue this financial year, up from the Rs 228 crore last year.

    The company claimed leadership position in India's A3 colour multi-function printer category too. However, at around 1,00,000 units a year, this is a relatively small category when compared to the A4 printers which according to CyberMedia Research was around 7.45 lakh units in April-June 2013.

    Tadahiko Sumitani, MD of Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, said the company has just forayed into the A4 segment where established players like HP, Canon and Samsung hold sway.

    Haraguchi said the company has an upper hand in colour technology and this is crucial for the future when new smart devices become a source for prints.

    "In emerging countries like India, a lot of people use smartphones and tablets. But they don't have any black and white information. So our strategy is to handle this B2C customer in a corportate space and be friendly to the new technology he is carrying," explained Haraguchi.



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