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    Default Kingfisher pilots threaten stir from May 9

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    After keeping quiet for a month over the non-payment of salaries, a section of pilots of Kingfisher Airlines on Friday threatened not to report for duty from May 9, if the management failed to pay their January salaries.

    The pilots have also served a June 30 deadline to the management to clear all their salary arrears.

    "We have decided not to fly from May 9 if the management does not pay at least our January salary before that. We also want a commitment from the management to clear the remaining dues in a phased manner by June 30," a senior Kingfisher Airlines pilot said after a meeting in Delhi.

    According to the payment schedule given by the pilots to the Kingfisher management, they want the February salary by May 16, March by June 1, April by June 16 and the May salary by June 30.

    The development comes while the airline management is fighting an eviction threat from a rented office in the city for non-payment of rental since last November.

    Earlier this week, a section of the Kingfisher staff including engineers and pilots were planning to move the labour court to expedite settlement of dues.

    Last month, a section of Kingfisher employees, including pilots and engineers, had served an ultimatum to the management to clear the dues by April 20 or face a strike.

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