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    Default Off the hook: Google fined just $25,000 for impeding probe

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    The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) imposed a $25,000 fine on Google for collecting personal information without permission and then impeding investigation into the matter.

    "Google refused to identify any employees or produce any e-mails. The company could not supply compliant declarations without identifying employees it preferred not to identify," said an FCC order on April 13.

    It added, "Misconduct of this nature threatens to compromise the commission's ability to effectively investigate possible violations of the Communications Act and the commission's rules."

    Google responded by saying it has provided all the documents required by the regulators to carry the investigation.

    The company said in a statement, "As the FCC notes in their report, we provided all the materials the regulators felt they needed to conclude their investigation and we were not found to have violated any laws."

    It added, "We disagree with the FCC's characterization of our cooperation in their investigation and will be filing a response."

    Google was accused of collecting communciations including passwords, browsing history and other sensitive personal data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in the US between May 2007 and May 2010.
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