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    Default Why Ford and Ashok Leyland are thinking beyond vehicles

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    The new Toyota Prius C hybrid hatchback, targeted at the young and restless generation Y buyers, has excited sustainable mobility enthusiasts, just as the recent Indian relaunch of Mahindra vehicles, all fitted with micro-hybrid systems. It signals the mainstreaming of green vehicles.

    The question, however, is: is sustainable mobility only about hybrids, plug-in electrics, or even about alternative fuels like ethanol? Can we imagine a mobility scenario that has all of this, and more?

    For example, a vibrant urban transportation system that addresses all the mobility needs of a citizen without the usual mad, frustrating scramble and delays. A system where public transportation is central and personal vehicles peripheral. It's about time to think of 'new mobility'.

    "New mobility is about transportation innovations, and most importantly, linking and optimising them to provide convenient, affordable door-to-door trips for the user," says Susan Zielinski, managing director, Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation (SMART) at the University of Michigan in the US. Connectivity between various modes, she says, is critical.
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