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    Default Disasters Go Unreported In IHLS Frenzy

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    With I Hate Luv Storys being the flavour of the season and brickbats still coming in for a debacle called I Hate Luv Storys Raavan, the newer releases were royally ignored. Films like Krantiveer – The Revolution and Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta were never expected to change the face of Indian cinema. But the least that the makers would have expected was to have a face-saving release, if not an opening.

    However, this was not the case. Fate of these films was sealed right from the opening show. Critics didn’t bother to review these films; actors were hardly seen interacting with media; newspapers and publications showed no interest in flashing anything related to the film; no audience entering the theaters; and worst, trade in general didn’t even care about reporting how the films had performed at the box office.

    Films like Raavan or Kites are at least written about and then (mainly) ridiculed for whatever their worth (or the lack of it) was. Still, they are talked about at least. But films like Krantiveer – The Revolution and Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta are not even being mourned despite a disastrous response at the box office. It indeed reflects the sad state of affairs.

    With collections hovering in the range of a few lakhs and (expectedly) no show in the second week, Krantiveer – The Revolution and Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta would be soon out on home video. Well, neither the sequel factor for the former nor the nude controversy in the latter could save the two films from such debacle.



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