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    Default Cuba Gooding Jr. and IIFA Awards at Ontario

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    After the telecast of the IIFA Awards show from Ontario, Canada on Sunday, most of the television channels went to the town underlining the redeeming features of the show, and everybody wanted to inform the audience that indeed it was humor that guided the show. But nobody brought to limelight the impromptu comment made by Cuba Gooding Junior when he was doing the honor of presenting best film award to Karan Johar along with Bipasha Basu. He expressed his desire to work in Hindi films and was also seen in the audience gallery grooving to the beats of Hindi films music, and indeed he also did an impromptu dance on the stage as well.

    Cuba Gooding Junior is one of the most consummate performers from Hollywood and when he endorses Hindi cinema there is no better brand promotion that the Hindi cinema requires to push its case. We ought to have taken in up from there, may be, it could be taken up eventually, but the suggestion of Cuba Gooding Junior is a suggestion worth grabbing. May be the entry point for Hindi cinema to a wider world audience, more so in Africa could be through Cuba Gooding Junior and it could come when Cuba Gooding Junior is offered a role to play in Hindi film. Karan Johar, who received the award from Cuba Gooding Junior, ought to think about a script where Cuba Gooding Junior could play an important role, something of the kind that Jackie Chan had done with Chris Tucker for RUSH HOUR series.

    As a matter of fact after the successful pairing that Jackie Chan sealed with Chris Tucker, he increased his fan following to a great extent. The same can happen in case of Hindi film lead actors as well, as Cuba Gooding Junior is one of the most prominent faces of Hollywood. The redeeming part is that most of the major Hollywood studios already have a sizeable presence in India and if Cuba Gooding Junior has expressed his intent, Hollywood studios, who work with Cuba Gooding Junior could also take up the offer and come up with a script that could entice and sweep audience both in India and Diaspora as also in USA and in Africa.

    Economists and thinkers have been advocating that Africa is the new continent that would set the pace for economic development, and where it to be so, why not India enter into strategic tie-ups with actors working in Hollywood, but having African origin, to carve out a fan following that could be an envious combination. New generation from Hindi film industry need to take the lead, as it could also open up windows for shooting in exotic locales in Africa as well, on a platter.



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