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    Default Climate change talks: EU carbon tax unacceptable, says Jayanthi Natarajan

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    India has clarified its stand in crucial climate change talks by saying that EU's decision to impose a carbon tax on flights landing in the Eurozone will act as a deal breaker.

    Speaking at an event organised by the The Energy Research Institute (TERI), Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan said such unilateral measures in the guise of climate change are unacceptable.

    "For environment ministry, it (EU aviation cap) is a deal breaker because you simply cannot bring this into the climate change and impose such disguised trade measures in the name of climate change," Natarajan said.

    She said India has raised the issue in various international fora but the EU is sticking to it.

    "I have written a very strong letter to the EU commissioner and raised it at various national and international fora. I believe as far as climate change discussions are concerned, this is unacceptable," she said.

    EU's proposal to cap planet-warming gases under its emission trading system makes it mandatory for airlines flying into its airspace to buy carbon credits equivalent to the carbon dioxide emitted by their aircraft.

    India has asked national carriers to not submit emission details to the EU.



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