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    Default CHECK OUT: SINGHAM grosses 47.70 cr in its opening weekend

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    For people from the small time the institution of Police has always been seen as a savior, it is altogether a different fact that the ground reality has turned on its head. Even then, the initial faith of the individual in the system has not snuffed out though it is on a low keel, and SINGHAM in a way provides the common man a sense of belief that indeed things could turn around, may be not today, but definitely tomorrow. This is what was shown in DABANGG as well, and if we remember Salman Khan introduces himself as Robin Hood Pandey, in DABANGG underlining the premise that for the common man, Robin Hood is the savior who may robbing Peter to save Paul, but Peters are in such a bad situation compared to Paul that there is no harm in doing it.

    SINGHAM has already earned Rs. 45 cores in the Indian market and earnings from outside country are about Rs. 5 crore according to the trade analysts. It indeed is a huge collection, and underlines the fact that Ajay Devgn is a huge success at the box office when he reaches out to the audience through an action film. Success is sweeter for the fact that even in Karnataka, where there were few protests against the movie have tapered out and it is now an unqualified success.

    One only hopes that henceforth Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty would also make one action film in a year apart from their usual comic capers, for which now they are famous in the film world.



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