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    Default Check Out: Akshay Kumar's class photo from 5th standard

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    Just recently, Akshay Kumar tweeted, "There is nothing as wonderful as bumping into an old friend. Recently, a school friend dropped by at an event to meet me & gifted me our class photograph. It's great to meet people from my childhood... they create a feeling of nostalgia... those moments are simply priceless ".

    Well the gift in question was a certain photograph that certainly takes Akshay back to his good old school days. Tweeting about it, Akki says, "Since so many of u requested 2 c d photo my school friend gifted me, here I am sharing it with u'll."

    Though initially not revealing his identity, Akki later tweeted the image with him marked saying, "I think it's time to end the suspense now coz if I were to go by ur guesses, every boy in the pic would be me ".

    Seems like, Akshay surely had a nostalgic Friendship Day this year.



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