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    Have you ever thought that a rug could be so noisy that it might even wake someone up ? This ingenious “Wake Up and Walk” Mat contains an alarm clock which can only be stopped by stepping on it.
    (I'll be the first one to go for such a rug!!!)

    This unusual “Flying Carpet” and it is actually an aerial view of the famous Sacramento River. The giant rug connects the Sacramento International Airport terminal with the airport parking garage.

    Light Carpet's design is quite simple and it looks just about right for the children’s’ room. When the night approaches, the unconventional carpet can be plugged in and it will shine, creating a soft light.

    This rug is not whole, but has matching pairs of slippers with it.

    The Sound Carpet was designed by Lim Hyuntaik and has a unique characteristic: it can also be used as a sound system. Hiding the clutter which the common speakers usually come with (plenty of wires), this original mat integrates the system in its four raised corners, leaving plenty of space for the user to relax in the middle.

    The Zipper Rug is an ingenious solutions for those who want their floor “remodeled” from time to time. This carpet is made from modular pieces connected together using zippers.

    The Breakfast Eggs Rug is a highly original carpet design which acts more like a fluffy seating item than a rug. The yolks are actually cushions that look extremely huggable- eatable aswell.

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