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    Default The most unique and Largest screw Mosaic in the world

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    The most unique and Largest screw Mosaic in the world

    With dedication and desire, human can make loads of things include breaking world`s record with their passion. Before talking about the mosaic, I introduce you ,an Albanian artist ,Saimirom Strathy /Saimir Strati. If you never know him, He was born in Vlora, Albania, April 11, 1966 and during his life he had made loads of mosaic artwork and some of them already recorded in the Guinness world of record.

    Before the screw`s mosaic, he listed some of his artwork in the Guinness world`s record as the largest Nail mosaic ( September 4th, 2006), The largest toothpicks mosaic ( September 4th 2007), The Largest corks mosaic ( September 4th 2008), and the Largest Paint brush Mosaic ( November 12th,2009). His last art work, The largest screw mosaic in the world was listed in Guinness book in November 18th 2009, less than a week after his paint brush mosaic.

    Samir strati screws mozaic

    His Screw mosaic depicts the Portrait of an ancient Greek poet Homer. He was not using any hammer to pin the screws to a board-blade and around 300.00 screws were employed to picture the face of Homer

    This is another mosaic from Saimir Strati that hit the Guinness world`s record mosaic.

    Saimir Strati -Nail Mosaic

    Saimir Strati Cork Mosaic

    Saimir strati_horse mosaic toothpicks



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