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    Truth be told, there was a lot of creativity behind this sad invention. Using pins or needles placed on the shirt collar was a pretty creative technique found to ensure that the pompous Chinese military parades were flawless. After all, who would (literally) want to risk their neck during the Olympic Games' year? All for those perfect, syncronized movements. Like the old animal trainers, who would inflict painful punishments to bears and elephants that misbehaved, these young soldiers learn that anything goes, when it comes to attaining a perfect result. The only difference is that they don't get any treat as a reward.

    Another ally of pins in military training is the wooden cross. It ensures that the back will , without a doubt, remain straight and elegant. When we realise that these soldiers obviously have to march, imagine a worse resistance test: neck pinned, crucified backs, and feet strongly and firmly pounding the floor.

    The pictures speak for themselves and will certainly make sure that China's People's Liberation Army doesn't win any gold medals these Olympic Games. Their way of training has no sporting spirit in the least.



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