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    Thumbs up The Transition®- a street-legal airplane

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    An American company Terrafugia Transition, based near Boston, is set to unveil the dual-purpose car-cum-plane vehicle called 'The Flying Car' as early as 2011. The two-seater vehicle can let you fly if you wish to avoid the congested city traffic.

    If you want to drive on the road, just touch the road. The vehicle will fold up its wings in 30 seconds and transform itself into a car.

    "The Flying Car" can travel up to 725 kilometres in the air at a speed of more than 115 kilometres per hour. Fuelled by gasoline, it has front wheel drive on the road and a propeller for flight. With its wings folded, it can be parked in your ordinary car garage. Its initial cost is expected to be around $200,000 (nearly Rs.1 crore), says the company which has already orders for 60 vehicles.

    The CEO of the company told Canadian TV (CTV) network here that they have successfully test-flown "The Flying Car" as many as 28 times. The tests have shown that the vehicle can drive, fly and switch from being a plane to a car in just 30 seconds. "It has been very successful," Carl Dietrich, co-founder and CEO of Terrafugia, told the television network.

    " We have got a very good handling vehicle and our test pilot said that the flights were just remarkably unremarkable - it just flies like a really nice, little airplane,” he said.

    He said this miracle vehicle will ease problems for pilots who currently face problems like weather which sometimes doesn't allow them to take off or land.

    "This vehicle allows a pilot any time, if the weather changes, to divert to the nearest airport, fold up their wings and drive safely under the weather."

    The Transition® is only 6'9" tall and 80" wide with wings folded.

    The Transition® has front wheel drive on the road.

    The Transition® uses high-octane unleaded auto gas.

    The Terrafugia Transition&reg taking off of runway 17 at Plattsburgh International Airport

    The Terrafugia Transition&reg shortly after takeoff

    A view from the back as the Terrafugia Transition® flies away from the camera

    The Terrafugia Transition&reg flying in formation with the chase aircraft

    An Alpha-Beta Probe was used to gather extensive flight data

    The Transition and Chase Plane during May 2009 Testing

    The Transition® offers true door-to-door transportation for pilots

    The Transition® on display at the Museum of Science

    Click here to watch the video



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