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    Default Top 8 Most Luxurious Airplane Interiors in The World

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    Top 8 Most Luxurious Airplane Interiors in The World

    Here’s a collections of most luxurious airplane interiors in the world. Those most luxurious airplane interiors is mostly located in the private luxurious airplane. But some also come from commercial as well. Of course those interiors cost a lot of money to be built as it’s built from the world’s leading interior designer. Let’s take a look at those most luxurious airplane interiors in the world.

    8. Etihad Airline’s Diamond Seat

    This leading new airline in the world, Etihad Airways, has been back to the top-luxury slot with innovations in their aircraft with the arrival of new purpose built Airbus 340-500 and the revolutionary diamond seat. Luxurious seats can rotate 180 degrees, enabling guests to meet and eat with one another, all within the luxurious Diamond zone. This seat is also equipped with personal 23 ‘LCD video screens and mood lighting to add a luxury travel experience. In addition to 180-degree swivel feature, the seat backrest also has six-way movement with a built-in facilities and even massage chairs convert into luxurious 6 feet 1 inch flat bed at the touch of a button to provide a home like convenience when traveling. Diamond Zone is also equipped with a folding table-and-play, an integrated personal mirror, pneumatic lumbar support, reading light and desk lamp separate from the luxurious surroundings covering coatroom and mini-bar. So, if you think traveling is the experience of fatigue then you need to discover a new level of convenience when traveling with Etihad Airways, using the revolutionary Diamond Seat.

    Etihad Airlines Diamond Seat

    7. 2005 GULFSTREAM G550

    This luxury Gulfstream G550 provide seats for 14 passengers in a beautiful leather seats and equipped with conference table, two lavatories, two coffee makers, a high temperature oven and microwave, dishwasher. In addition there are crystal storage, stainless steel sink, two ice compartments, a thermoelectric refrigerated food storage compartment, the system of thirty gallons of pressurized water, hot water heater and air conditioner. This aircraft is also equipped with internet access, printers and fax machines. Cabin video equipment includes two DVD players, one 20 Inch LCD monitor, an LCD monitor 17 inch, seven-7 Inch LCD monitors and three smaller LCD monitors. In addition there are two systems of multi-digital converter, two-color touch screen remote controls, two RF remote controls and ten 115-volt AC outlet. Also included in this configuration is aircraft mounted camera for front looking, the aircraft mounted rear view camera and a tail mounted camera. While passenger audio systems include ten mid-range speakers, four subwoofer speakers, stereo headphone jack and CD player.

    2005 GULFSTREAM G550

    6. Airbus A350 with BMW Interiors

    Airbus A350 aircraft, which launched in twinjet Interiors Expo 2006 exhibition in Hamburg featuring luxurious interiors by BMW. Airbus has linked with BMW Designworks Group to design a new interior on the A350. Ultra luxury cabin will boast high end luxury features such as A350 chief engineer Dougie Hunter says, “We can project into the ceiling to match whatever atmosphere is required, such as the night sky or clouds etc”. Hunter said that, the concept around the area of two door is one has a bar area and seating for economy while the entrance area will display the dome to provide a sense of spaciousness or openness in the cabin.

    Airbus A350 with BMW Interiors

    5. Luxo Jets

    Brazilian company Embraer has teamed up with BMW’s Los Angeles based studio, DesignworksUSA, for some super luxury interiors for medium range business jet. Phenom 300 pictured here should be one of the first to get the interior of the BMW. The $ 6.65 million (maybe more with a nice interior) jet flying at 41,000 feet and has a range of 2078 miles. This interior is intended for medium range jet company lines. It features a full kitchen and bathroom and the cabin, very Teutonic style lounge with heavy technology with lay-flat seats, deployable tables, and lights out.

    Luxo Jets

    4. Versace & Tag Aircraft Interiors

    Versace clients can now deck-up their private jets with the company extended line style for aircraft interiors in association with TAG Aircraft Interiors. Versace geared up to produce unique cabin designs for the ultra rich. Each design would be a complete holiday, and your custom interior will be signed and numbered by Versace. Leather seats are inspired by the Versace home couture collection, and is designed to offer a fully luxury and comfort. Apparently, clients can also participate creatively with the Versace design team to understand the interior personal space with their own specifications.

    Versace & Tag Aircraft Interiors

    3. Airbus A380 VIP ‘Flying Palace’

    Luxury has no limits! One of the latest trends with the ultra rich is having more expensive jets that usually associated with commercial aviation, such as the Airbus A319, A320 and Boeing 737. Improvement are done based in design work on the interior for the VIP version like this one of the Airbus A380 “Flying Palace”. Airbus A380 interior designed in luxury way including management offices or board rooms, a curvy ****tail bar which offers a super-sized screen TV, comfortable seating and private dining or relaxing zone.

    Airbus A380 VIP "Flying Palace"

    2. Singapore Airlines private bedroom

    Singapore Airlines upgraded their luxury seating by announcing a “super first-class Airbus A380″. The fully enclosed private suites, which indicates to the ‘golden era’ flying boats in the thirties and forties, have been designed by renowned yacht designer Jean Jacques Coste. Each room will be equipped with leather seats and full sized bed with mattress. Both suites center can be further modified to be doubled for couples. User of the room will find a lot of gadgets, including flat-screen TVs 23-inch, with 100 options of 180 films and TV programs, and 700 CDs. We have to think about a plane without a luxury bedroom like an action movie without a high speed car!

    Singapore Airlines private bedroom

    1. BMW Designworks for Boeing 787 Cabin Concept for a Russian Tycoon

    Boeing Business Jets approached DesignworksUSA and challenged the company to create the interior of a conceptual 787 aircraft to clients, fictitious affluent Russian thirties tycoon. So in the pursuit to create a luxurious second home, in DesignworksUSA design team came up with an interior with semi-transparent walls, furniture-style housing that allows the space visually continue around the scenery and let the eye travel outside the neighborhood. Interior luxury jet features a bar, dozens of sofas, beds, meeting rooms, stairs, and even enough room to fit the owner BMW. Anyting can be added here?

    Boeing 787 Cabin Concept for Russian Tycoon


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