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    Default Top 7 Most Unique Hotels in the World

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    Top 7 Most Unique Hotels in the World

    Hereís the most unique hotels in the world, maybe you consider to stay there and enjoy the uniqueness of the hotels. As we know, hotels are usually a luxurious place where people will love to stay. But I guess itís not all true as few people are also trying to attract people to their hotels because of its uniqueness. Letís take a look at those most unique hotels in the world

    7. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

    Located in the nature reserve of Huilo Huilo in Chile with waterfalls that run on it. This is the type of hotel you should go when you need to relax. Itís like a house in the fairy tale that comes true. You should pay $ 120 Ė $ 160/night to enjoy sleeping in this fairy tale alike hotel.

    Magic Mountain Hotel

    6. Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo: Florida

    This hotel is located under the sea and itís a great place for a honeymoon. While staying in the hotel, we can also do scuba diving near the hotel, $ 375 / per night, $ 250 per couple for 3 hour day rate.

    Jules Undersea Lodge

    5. Controversy Tram Hotel, Hoogwoud, the Netherlands

    Itís actually city trams and railcar that converted into 5 B+B rooms with various theme.The price offer is quite reasonable, a night in a tram costing 60 Euros (around $80).

    Controversy Tram Hotel

    Controversy Tram Hotel inside

    4. Jumbo Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden

    This unique hotel opened in December 2008 and dorm beds will cost about USD $44 Ė $55 per night. Itís actually a Boeing 747 that crammed into the 353 square metres of available space are 25 tiny rooms with space for 72 people overnight (along with a cafe) tended by uniformed cabin crew 24 hours a day. I guess this will be one of Future Steel Buildings built in each airport for late night passengers.

    Jumbo hostel Hotel

    Jumbo hostel inside

    3. Cappadocia Cave Hotel, Turkey

    This is a cave hotel in Urgup hill in Cappadocia, Turkey. The hotel offer amazing extraordinary and exotic perfect atmosphere. The second floor room come with private terrace carved into the corner of the cliffs. From the terrace you can enjoy beautiful scenery of Cappadocia. Rate offered by this hotel is around $85 per night.

    Cappadocia Cave Hotel

    Cappadocia Cave Hotel inside

    2. DogBark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho

    The Dog Bark Park Inn is a hotel located in the US state of Idaho. The hotel is carved in the shape of a beagle, making it a famous landmark in the state. It is colloquially known as Sweet Willie by local residents. The hotel, which is located centrally within Idaho, is a two-bedroom B&B which also features dog-shaped contents. The hotel is owned and operated by Dennis and Frances Sullivan. Rate offered per night is $92.

    Dog Bark Park Inn

    Dog Bark Park Inn Inside

    1. Capsule Hotel, The Hague, the Netherlands

    This bizarre capsule hotel located in The Hague, the Netherlands. Itís a room in a bright orange survival pod which once used on an oil rig platform. Originally built in 1972 they are 4.25 metres in diameter and unaltered apart from the addition of a lock on the outside and an emergency chemical toilet inside. To enjoy this strange experience you should pay $ 100-250 per night.

    Capsule Hotel,The Hague

    Is those hotels unique one? I guess itís more unique than Burj El Arb hotel that become one of masterpiece in Future Steel Buildings. Have You ever stayed on one of those most unique hotels in the world?


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