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    Default Top 5 Tallest Plants in the World

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    Top 5 Tallest Plants in the World

    These tallest plants in the world can tell us how old a plants can live and growth. These plants have survived from various weather changes and world climate changes over the years. So Let’s take a look at the top 5 tallest plants in the world:

    5. Giant Sequoia: 275 feet/84.8 meters

    General Sherman is the name of this Giant Sequoia. This is one of the world’s tallest giant Sequoia tree with a height of about 275 feet (84.8 meters). Although not the world’s tallest tree (redwood coast higher), it is the largest in volume, so that this giant sequoia is the world’s largest known single organism by volume. As of 2002, the volume of its trunk measured about 1487 cubic meters. This tree is located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in the United States. Trees believed around 2300 and 2700 years old. Named after General William Tecumseh Sherman, chairman of the American Civil War in 1879.

    Giant Sequoia

    4. Sitka Spruce : 295 feet / 90 meters

    The Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis) is a coniferous evergreen tree can grows to 50-70 m tall. But this special one is incredibly up to 90 m tall, and with a trunk diameter of up to 5 m. This is by far the largest species of pine tree and the third tallest conifer species in the world (after Coast Redwood and Coast Douglas-fir). The trees earned the name from the community of Sitka, Alaska.

    Sitka Spruce

    3. Australian Mountain Ash : 295 feet / 90 meters

    Eucalyptus Regnans, known by many common names like Mountain Ash, Victorian Ash, Swamp Gum, Tasmanian Oak or filamentous Gum, is a native species of Eucalyptus in southeastern Australia, in Tasmania and Victoria. Known to reach heights of more than 295 feet (90 meters) and is described as the tallest of the flowering plants.

    Australian Mountain Ash

    2. Coast Douglas Fir: 329 feet / 100.3 meters

    Coast Douglas Fir is a very tall tree, the second tallest conifer in the world (after Coast Redwood). This tree can grow to 60-75 M (200-250 feet) and higher, and 1.5-2 m (5-6 feet) in diameter. The tallest living specimen is “Doerner Fir”, (formerly known as the Brummit fir), at the height of 100.3 m, at East Fork Brummit Creek in whispers County, Oregon. The biggest in diameter is the “Queets Fir”, 4.85 m diameter, in the Queets River valley, Olympic National Park, Washington. This plant usually live more than 500 years and sometimes more than 1000 years.

    Coast Douglas Fir

    1. Coast Redwood, California: 379.1 feet / 115.55 meters

    Hyperion, a Coast Redwood tree in California has height of 115.55 and become the world’s tallest plant. This tree was founded in 2006. Hyperion is the name of a coastal redwoods of Northern California that has been confirmed for 115.55 m (379.1 ft) high, which ranks as the world’s tallest known living tree. Although this hyperion is the highest, this coast redwood Hyperion is the largest known, because there are some species are still missing.

    Hyperion Coast Redwood


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