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    Default Top 5 Most Popular Cash Back Credit Cards

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    Top 5 Most Popular Cash Back Credit Cards

    It used to be that customers had to pay to have a credit card. Today, credit cards actually pay customers instead! According to the credit research group, cash back is the number one most popular credit card feature, as ranked by consumers. Below is their list of the top 5 most popular cash back credit cards:

    1. Discover More Card
    The Discover More card is so popular because it gives up to 5% cash back in a variety of different categories, including gas, supermarkets, and department stores. However the card does have itís drawbacks: there is a relatively low cap on the amount of rewards that customers can earn in the 5% categories.

    Discover More Card

    2. American Express Blue Cash
    This is the most popular American Express consumer credit card currently on the market. It gives up to 5% cash back at grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies. Unfortunately, customers do not begin earning the 5% until after $6,500 in purchases are made for the calendar year.

    American Express Blue Cash

    3. Chase Freedom Card
    This is a popular credit card offered by Chase, which is extremely similar to the Discover More card. It offers 5% cashback in rotating categories which include things like home improvement, drugstores, and more. Unfortunately like the Discover More card, there is also a cap on the amount of rewards you can earn in the 5% categories.

    Chase Freedom Card

    4. Citi Dividend Card
    A few years ago this used to be the #1 cash back credit card. However they chopped their 5% rebate categories down to only 2% a few years ago, so itís not nearly as attractive anymore. That being said, the 2% is still above average and offered at supermarkets, drugstores, utilities, and gas stations.

    Citi Dividend Card

    5. Chase Sapphire Card
    The Chase Sapphire card is one of the newest offerings from this bank. It offers the equivalent of 1% cashback on regular purchases and 2% cashback on airline purchases made through their travel service. Although the cashback on Chase Sapphire isnít the highest, they are known to have good customer service.

    Chase Sapphire Card


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