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    Default Top 3 Most Expensive Games in the World Ever Produced

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    Top 3 Most Expensive Games in the World Ever Produced

    These most expensive games in the world are produced to make every aspect of the game perfect and almost real. Lot of money are spent to make the animation and virtual reality so that the game become alive and people will enjoy playing the game. So here’s the top 3 most expensive games in the world ever produced.

    3. Shenmue : $70 Millions

    This is the record holder for 10 years with the production cost of $ 70 millions from the Sega Dreamcast. Shenmue offering different area exploring complete with weather systems and its detail is a very good with complete feature. Unfortunately the sales is not good.


    2. Grand Turismo 5: $80 Millions

    The biggest and best race game that will come out. This game was planned to be completed in 5 years with a collection of more than 1000 cars and made in a very extreme realistic. Mid 2008 has cost more than $ 60 millions, and is expected to launch in 3rd quarter of 2010 and predicted will reached $ 80 millions in cost of production.

    Gran Turismo 5

    1. Grand Theft Auto 4 : $100 Millions

    With more than 1000 people working on this game for 3.5 years
    to research new york city, with cameras that record traffic within 1 month, and ask the opinion of more than 2000 people to vote on hundreds of music to be put in the game.
    Each song cost $ 10,000 out of licensing & royalties so that made this game become the most expensive games in the world to date.

    Grand Theft Auto 4


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