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    Default Top 10 Weirdest Dog`s Toys in the World

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    Top 10 Weirdest Dog`s Toys in the World

    These 10 toys are real, already available on some stores, and you can buy it if you want for your dog right after you read this post. I title this post 10 weirdest Dog toys in the world. They are cute and hilarious as well.

    1. Eco GreenHound Pet Storage Box

    When your children have toy boxes to save their toys, do you know that your dog might want it too ?. If you already bought loads of toys for your dog, it is never wrong to buy another new toy to save it.

    With this box, You can use it to train your dog to put away their toys once they have used it. It is made of recycled plastic bottles material too you know.

    2.Dog`s lips

    Make your dog smiling and let their smile cheer your day. Sorry, I have no idea whether the dog like to use it or hate it honestly.

    3.Doggie Chill Pills plush and rope toys

    Doggie Chill Pills plush and rope toys are little toy to make your dog relax and calm down.I have no idea whether it will works for all type or dog or not. One thing for sure, this chill pills plush are cute.

    4. Grrrona Mexican Beer Dog Toy
    Top 10 Weirdest Dogs toys in the world 4 Top 10 Weirdest Dog`s Toys in the World

    It is guaranteed that this beer wont make your dog get drunk and crazy. Grrrona Mexican Beer is basically an embroidered plush Grrrona toy that is featured with a squeaker inside. No Mexican`s magic mixed to this beer

    5. Maui Flowers Dog Bikini

    If you think your female dog need a bikini to cover her breast, you have to buy her this dog`s bikini. Because it is Made of cute Spandex bathing suit, the bikini wont make your dog sultry. It is only $18.99

    6. Holiday Dinner plate for dog

    This is a Frisbee plate that is functioned for a dog`s dinner plate. The plate can be used to serve turkey, corn, baked potato, biscuit, and broccoli. Do your dogs eat those vegetables?

    7. iBone

    When iPhone is too expensive for your dog, why don`t you buy iBone for them. Developed by Haute Diggety Dog™, iBone will be a best pal for your pet. It is soft, squeaky, cushy and comforting. It has perfect size for your pet. It is only 4X6 Inches

    8. Humunga Stache Dog Toy

    It is basically a ball with different construction at the other side.Once your dog catch it with their mouth, your dog will have Mario`s mustache like one on the picture. Cute ha. It is only $15

    9. Bowlingual Voice

    It works like a dog emotions reader and it uses wireless microphone to translate dog`s emotion and showed it to the display. It was showed for the 1st time at Tokyo Toy Show in 2009

    10. Hotdoll

    The concept of hotdoll is representing a female dog with a perfect female dog`s hips that always ready to have sex with your male dog. Your dog will love it plus it will be suitable to control the dog sexual impulses. It was designed by Clement Eloy. My pray, I hope it wont make your dog addicted to the weird toy



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