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    Default Top 10 Most Dangerous Poisons in the World

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    Top 10 Most Dangerous Poisons in the World

    Be careful with these most dangerous poisons in the world. There’s a lot of poisons in the world. We should know about that to understand the bad effect on those poisons and get rid of them. Here’s top 10 most dangerous poisons in the world We should get rid of them, or at least We have to use them in a good way.

    10. Castor bean

    Castor oil is used as a food additive in candy and chocolate. Not a lot persons know that this plant’s seeds contain very toxic ricin poison. Few seeds chewable can be fatal. Two death were recorded in the period 1999-2004 because of this seeds.

    Castor bean

    9. Belladonna

    Nickname deadly nightshade or amethyst. Extract was used from the Renaissance. The effect occurs in the dilated pupils. Belladonna poisoning usually occurs because some idiot has found that the leaves of belladonna is said to have hallucinogenic properties.

    Belladonna, deadly nightshade

    8. Fiddleback Spider Venom

    Half-inch size, Fiddleback spiders is one of the most venomous spider in the world. In the case of twenty-five states (especially in the south and west-central) bites from Fiddleback usually painless, but after eight hours, the victim will be in pain. With a small bite will cause symptoms of vomiting, blisters, delirium and necrosis

    Fiddleback Spider Venom

    7. Pufferfish

    Part of the toxic on this fish is tetrodotoxin (TTX) that found in the ovary. These toxins can’t be destroyed even if cooked, although the experts say, if the entrails removed before cooking, the fish are usually not dangerous. Used in Japanese cuisine “Fugu”, fish can be cooked and prepared by chefs specially trained and licensed. However, from 1955 until 1975 there were more than 1,500 people died due to eating Fugu that didn’t served properly.


    6. Heroin

    Heroin suppress the central nervous system and create a feeling of euphoria. The death rate among heroin users is up to 20%, so the appeal of this drug is difficult to be understood. Symptoms of poisoning include seizures, vision impaired, low blood pressure, coma and death from respiratory failure.


    5. Hemlock

    Hemlock is a poison that is considered used to kill Socrates, Greek philosopher. In the solution of the hemlock concentrations, cicutoxin toxic found, obtained from the roots of plants. One bite at Hemlock plant roots can cause death in adults. Hemlock solution causes muscle failure, convulsions and death.


    4. Snakes

    A poisonous rate of snake bite depends on many factors.The most poisonous snakes are vipers, cobras and adders. Snake poisoning symptoms include swelling, organ failure, vomiting, bleeding from the eyes and nose and gums, and clear pain at the site of the snake bite. Interestingly, three-quarters of a snake bite victim is caucasian male.


    3. Arsenic

    Historically, arsenic is a favorite killer tool and always be one of the favorite devices used in the murder in mystery story. In the UK, arsenic is available to be purchased at a pharmacy to assist rats pest management. Arsenic compounds was also found in all normal human tissues, and arsenic is one of the 20 elements of the most common. When used as a poison, arsenic symptoms include severe stomach discomfort, vomiting and diarrhea with blood.


    2. Strychnine

    One of the toxic form popular in the early twentieth century. Strychnine attacks the central nervous system and cause excessive reflex reaction. With the right dose, the victim can die within ten to twenty minutes because the experience of suffering and dying to die.


    1. Cyanide

    Cyanide kills by preventing red blood cells from absorbing oxygen. This resulted in a process known as “internal shortness of breath”. Cyanide capsules allegedly used by spies of World War II as an easy escape option to avoid persecution.





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