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    Default Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

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    Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

    Here’s a list of most dangerous countries in the world. The dangerous come from the reason that crime is so high is those country, war, or the extreme temperature for Antarctica. So Let’s take a look at these 10 most dangerous countries in the world

    10. Russia

    Russia is considered dangerous because Russia has a crime rate that is high enough due to the high number of mafia and gangster in Russia. The murder occurred almost every 18 minutes and about 84 people are killed every day.


    9. Brazil

    Brazil has a very high poverty rate, it affects the high rates of street crime in Brazil. Organized crime not only attacks on civilians, but also attacked the police and public agencies.


    8. South Africa

    South Africa is described as the “Capital of Rape” due to high rates of rape in this country, although it has shown a declining trend. Poverty centers also became the center of various kinds of crime, and also the threat from armed groups. The most dangerous part here is sex, because nearly 10 million citizens suffering from HIV.

    South Africa

    7. Burundi

    Burundi is a small country torn by civil war between Hutus and Tutsis. Burundi has a very complex problem, starting from the very high national poverty rate, very high crime rate, armed separatist group, robbery and kidnapping into something that is often found in Burundi.


    6. Antarctica

    Actually this one is not a country as It’s non country area and no inhabitant. When the crime, kidnapping, rape and robbery is not a big problem in this place, Antarctica actually dangerous to the extreme weather conditions. Temperatures can fall to -60 degrees Celsius and wind up 100km/hours, just one hour this weather can kill you. The worse thing in Antarctica is no hospitals, supplies of food, and of course fast-food restaurants.


    5. Afghanistan

    Afghanistan is actually a strategic place, but the war has brought this country live in poverty. The problem of landmines should be a concern because nearly 12 million land mines buried in the land of Afghanistan. Coupled with inter-tribal rivalry, opium dealer groups, and suicide bombings increase the danger of this country.


    4. Somalia

    Somalia is a failed state, full of anarchy, and the fighting between clans (tribes), coupled with famine. and the most dangerous is the rampant pirate


    3. Sudan

    Desperate, death and destruction is the same name of Sudan. Terrorism is the face of this nation. More than two million were killed in 2 civil wars that spanned in the last 50 years. Along with the condition of the country that full of desert, Sudan is one of the worst country on the planet.


    2. Colombia

    Kidnapping is a major concern in Colombia. There were 2338 kidnappings in Colombia in 1998. Victims, 138 were killed by their captors. Ranked fourth in the world for 69.98/100000 murder in 2006. Another threat is cocaine.


    1. Iraq

    Iraq’s a country with rich oil reserves. But is a country destroyed in misery, violence, desperate and confusion. Al Qaeda, Sunni insurgents, Shiite, security forces, Kurdish rebels, the American soldiers, the Turks and criminals involved in the cycle of violence which, unfortunately, will not be solved in the near future. Iraq was even called hell on earth.



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