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    Default Top 10 Most Creative Electronic Gadgets in the World

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    Here’s the list of most creative electronic gadgets in the world. Electronic technology is moving so fast that sometime We have to go searching online for quite a long time to Find Discontinued Electronic Part. The new trend of electronic is creating a gadget that can combine two or more gadget into once. That way the user can have two function instead of single function of the gadget. Those gadgets become the most creative electronic gadgets in the world.

    10. The Toilet Paper Dispensing iPod Dock

    This tool makes the activities more fun in the toilet. While doing your things on the toilet, you can also switch on your iPod and enjoy the music.

    The Toilet Paper Dispensing iPod Dock

    9. MP3 Massager

    iGoGo MP3 player from Osim consists of MP3 players, plus two small massage tools. Massage tools working in accordance with the beat of the music played.

    MP3 Massager

    8. The Rear-view LCD Screen

    Rearview mirror that can display video. Not just one video, but can display live video from three different sources. It should be used to display the output from the camera in the car to assist parking.

    The Rear view LCD Screen

    7. The USB Hub with Thermometer

    Brando’s USB Rota Rota Hub is pretty complete as a USB hub. It has three USB ports and a port for SD, SDHC, Memory Stick Duo, MicroSD, and a M2. One additional facility that strange are the two digital thermometers. One shows the temperature in Fahrenheit, while the other in Celsius.

    The USB Hub with Thermometer

    6. iBreath with FM Transmitter

    IBreath is a tool to check the alcohol content in breath. This device also functions as a transmitter to play iPod through the car radio.

    iBreath with FM Transmitter

    5. The FM Radio Toaster

    Kenwood create interesting new electronic gadget, FM Radio Toaster. You can listen to the radio while making toast. When you get a broken FM radio or toaster, you don’t have to look for Catalog of Obsolete Components as you can try this interested product for a reasonable price.

    The FM Radio Toaster

    4. The Mouse and VoIP Phone

    Joint between mouse and VoIP phone. While seeing facebook friends then want to phone via Skype, just pick up your mouse.

    The Mouse and VoIP Phone

    3. The Gift Card and Camera Gadget Combo

    This gift card can also serves as a 1.2 megapixel digital camera with 8MB memory.

    The Gift Card and Camera Gadget Combo

    2. The USB Watch

    MR. Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch is not the only USB watches on the market, but represents the most attractive.Maybe You can consider choosing this futuristic watch rather than Looking at Obsolete Electronic Parts Inventory when your watch is broken.

    The USB Watch

    1. The Taser Music Player Holster

    Holster for C2 Taser have a function as a music player with 1GB capacity. C2 Taser is indeed self-protection tools that can be used to disable an attacker temporarily. With these gloves you can leisurely walk in prone areas while put up your headphone.

    The Taser Music Player Holster




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