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    Default Top 10 Most Amazing Natural Phenomenon in The World

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    Top 10 Most Amazing Natural Phenomenon in The World

    Hereís the list of most amazing natural phenomenon in the world. As We know, Thereís a lot of natural phenomenon happen around us. But I guess Weíre sometime still says that some natural phenomenons is amazing. So hereís the natural phenomenon happen around the world and I guess You will say Itís the most amazing natural phenomenon around the world.

    10. Ice Circles

    Ice circle is extremely rare phenomenon happen in cold water. The great circle can be found in Scandinavian and North America, and the latest one happen in the UK, in January 2009.

    Ice Circles

    9. Red Tides

    A natural phenomena occurs because gathering of microorganisms in the coastal area from the mouth water, sea or river water and make the water purple and red.

    Red Tides

    8. Columnar Basalt

    Rock formations that formed due to the eruption of lava that get cold. Basalt headliner in the world located in the Giantís Causeway in Northern Ireland.

    Columnar Basalt

    7. Sun Dogs

    The phenomenon where there are 3 suns in the horizon.

    Sun Dogs

    6. Moeraki Boulders

    Round stones at the beach, formed by waves, located at Koekohe Beach.

    Moeraki Boulders

    5. Penitentes

    Natural phenomena that happen only in places between Chile and Argentina. Itís a phenomena of snow in the high surface that pointed. Itís caused by strong wind in the Andes mountains.


    4. Light Pillars

    Visual phenomena created by the reflection of light.

    Light Pillars

    3. Catatumbo Lightning

    Venezuelan call this mysterious lightning Relampago del Catatumbo or Catatumbo lightning. Location of lightning at the mouth of the river Catatumbo in lake Maracaribo, Venezuela. Lightning is a great grab by 5 km high. Occurs 140 times even 160 times during the night in 1 year. Each evening bolt occurred during 10 hours. Every hour there is as many as 280 times bolt. So in a year approximately 448,000 times bolt! Lightning occurs because the collision of the winds originating from the Andes. Some people said that this lightning is the largest ozone layer former on earth.

    Catatumbo Lightning

    2. Cave of the Crystals

    Cave that containing crystal located at the mining sites in Chihuahua, Mexico

    Cave of the Crystals

    1. Pink and White Terraces

    Natural Wonders from New Zealand that just memories because destroyed by the Tarawera volcanic eruption in 1886. The natural phenomenon of warm water that formed by geysers that blast down the hillside across the thickness of ice left, the largest pool of warm water was recorded around 3 acres. Before the destruction of this phenomenon, It belongs to Ē The Eighth Wonder of the World ď.

    Pink Terrace

    white terrace

    White Terrace


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