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    Default Pygmy Marmoset, Smallest Monkey in the World

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    Pygmy Marmoset, Smallest Monkey in the World

    This monkey is the smallest monkey in the world and very funny . very small because so much is similar to human fingers, and this may seem very strange because usually the size of a monkey quite striking. The length of the funny monkey is only about 5 to 6 inch in long excluding tail.

    This smallest monkey in this world is only live in the forest area of Ecuador and brazil. The monkeys are small and cute usually live in groups of 2 to 6 tails only.

    This animals must be very funny, if We can make our pets. But Imagine how much You should pay for this? This average price is about $1500 USD. So Maybe You can consider to buy this animal if You have that amount of money just for pets.

    pygmy marmoset

    pygmy marmoset

    Pygmy marmoset


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