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    Default Photos that Shook The WOrlD

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    Nicéphore Niépce - View from the Window at Le Gras (1827)
    The earliest surviving photo, with an exposure time between 8 and 20 hours!

    Louis Daguerre - Boulevard du Temple (1838)

    First photo of a person.

    James Clerk Maxwell - Tartan Ribbon (1861)

    The first color photo.

    Unknown - First Flight (1903)

    The Wright brothers realize the ancient human dream of flight.

    Lawrence Beitler - Lynching (1930)

    A racist mob took these men from a jail and hung them. The photo was as effective in disgusting many as bolstering white supremacy.

    Christian Spurling - Loch Ness Monster (1934)

    London’s Daily Mail hired M.A. Wetherell to shoot the famed monster. Finding nothing, he conspired with Spurling to concoct this famous image.

    Unknown - The Nuremberg Rally (1934)

    Propoganda photos like these certainly helped change the world, for the worse.
    20th Century Fox - Betty Grable (1942)

    Grable’s million-dollar legs were the subject of the most-seen pinup sent to ease the suffering of American troups during World War II.

    Joe Rosenthal - Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima (1945)

    This iconic image of USA combat rainvigorated waning support to finish out the war.
    Abraham Zapruder - JFK Assassination (1963)

    Frame 313 of the only footage of John F. Kennedy’s assassination shows the president’s head exploding.

    Lennart Nilsson - How Life Begins (1965)

    This capture of an aborted fetus that was reprinted widely by pro-life activists.

    William Anders - Earthrise (1968)

    Perhaps the most famous photo ever taken: earth from behind the moon.

    Don McCullin - Biafra (1969)

    When war photoer Don McCullin saw the children of Biafra dying of hunger and the muscle-wasting disease kwashiorkor, he stopped photoing soldiers and convinced the world community to intervene with photos of children.

    Dwight Hooker - Lenna (1972)

    A cropped cover of Playboy became perhaps the most popular image used for testing image processing algorithims.

    Stanley J. Forman - Fire on Marlborough Street (1975)

    Forman climbed on a fire truck and caught these two falling from the burning building seconds before a fireman could reach them. The photo pushed states to require better fire safety codes.

    Mike Wells - Uganda (1980)

    A priest holds the hand of a starving child. Photos like this one moved the United Nations and others to send food to the starving Horn of Africa.

    Matuschka - Beauty Out of Damage (1993)

    Artist Matuschka learned that her mastectomy was unnecessary after losing her breast, and became an activist. Some say her Glamour cover photo did more for breast cancer than anyone else in 25 years.

    Kevin Carter - Vulture & Child (1993)

    Thousands complained that Carter had spent 20 minutes taking this shot instead of helping the child. At age 33, Carter committed suicide, and his friends said he always carried the horror of his work with him.

    One of the photographs meanwhile that changed medical history is that of Lina Medina, the youngest mother who gave birth at the age of five. Born in Peru in 1933, Lina was brought to the local hospital by her parents because of an increasingly enlarged belly, which they first thought of a tumor. After a series of tests however, the doctors confirmed that she was seven months pregnant. A month later Lina gave birth to a baby boy whom she named Gerardo, after her doctor.

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    awe some of the picz r sad... especially that woman that lost her boob

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    realli sad picz especially da africa ones

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