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    Smile Do u know how the nascar racing car works??

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    NASCAR racing is the second most-watched professional sport in the United States. It is also the second richest motorsport. Take a look at a NASCAR race car next.

    Almost every detail of a NASCAR car is handmade. The next picture shows how a NASCAR race car is constructed.

    NASCAR race car frames are constructed from steel tubing. Now see what the body is made of.

    NASCAR race car bodies are built from flat sheet metal. What powers these super fast cars? Find out in the next picture.

    The engines of a NASCAR race car are assembled from a bare block. Check out where the races take place next.

    Most of today's NASCAR races are held on high-speed oval tracks. The Daytona International Speedway is still considered the premier track. See a NASCAR race in the next picture.

    NASCAR races can last over 500 laps with over 35 cars on the track at once. The next picture takes a look at pit lane.

    Drivers will periodically need to make pit stops to change tires and refuel during a race.

    Getting to the checkered flag first is every driver's goal. The checkered flag signals that the race is over.
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    Nicely Don Buddy.



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