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    Talking Items Inspired By Burger

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    Burger Harly

    Two symbols of the United States, the burger and Harley-Davidson motorcycles unite into an incredibly strange looking and most likely smelling combination, the Burger Trike. Hamburger enthusiast Harry Sperl has sacrificed a 1987 Harley-Davidson to create this unique crazy looking thing which has even onion-like rear wheels while the front rim looks like a tomato slice so the menu is complete and ready to be served.

    Burger Bed

    exas based fast food fan, Kayla Kromer loves hamburgers so much that she decided that she wanted to be able to sleep in one.The giant burger bed features all the trimmings, with pickle and tomato pillows, lettuce sheets, a cheese slice quilt and a round burger shaped mattress.Kayla Kromer says that her burger bed was inspired the film Hamburger, in which students sleep in burger-shaped beds. She just could not get the image out of her mind, so decided to embark on a project to build her own.

    Hamburger Computer Mouse



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