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    Default Guinness World Records 2011

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    For some inexplicable reason the Guinness Book of Records has great popularity and people just love watching other people doing crazy and extreme stuff. Here are some of the people who will be in this book for the year 2011. Do you think you can do better? Enjoy!

    The longest nose in the world – 8.8 cm from the forehead to the tip – owned by Mehmet Ozureku (from Turkey). Nose was measured on the set of the program «Lo Show dei Record» Rome March 18, 2010. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

    Longest tongue in the dog – 11.43 cm – belongs to Puggy – Pekingese Beki Stanford (from USA). Measurements took place in a veterinary clinic «Avondale Haslet Animal Clinic», Texas, May 8, 2009, when Puggy was nine years old. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

    The largest number of slugs held into mouth – 400. This was done by Simon Elmore from Germany, who held them for 10 seconds on the set of the show «Mark ‘n’ Simon Show» in Sollhubene, Bavaria, August 6, 2009. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

    Steven Parkes (UK) began collecting Smurfs in his childhood and hasn’t stopped ever since. On January 28, 2010 his collection had reached 1,061 pieces, including figurines of the Christmas and Easter Smurfs and Smurfs in historical costumes. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

    The smallest cow in the world – 85 cm from the rear to the front hooves – it belongs to Martin and Caroline Ryder (UK). It was measured at the farm «Pike End» in Rishuorte, UK, September 14, 2009. (Ranald Mackechnie / Guinness World Records)

    Heaviest limo – “Midnight Rider” weighs 22,933 kg. Its length is 21.3 meters and a height of 4.1 meter. Limousine was designed by Michael Machado and Pamela Bartolomeo (from USA) in California. It was measured on Sept. 3, 2004. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

    Labrador named Tabby Sandra Gilmore from Great Britain in the past six years has helped in the processing of about 26,000 plastic bottles. The dog collects bottles during the daily walks, crushing and placing them the recycle bin. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

    Most of spoons on his face. Aaron, Cassie (from Canada) was able to fasten most spoons – 17 – to his face on the set of the program «Lo Show Dei Record» in Milan April 18, 2009. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

    Very long hair – 5,627 millimeter – belong to the Chinese woman Cu Tsiping. It was measured on May 8th, 2004. She grew her hair since 1973, where she was 13 years old. (John Wright / Guinness World Records)

    The heaviest shoes in the world weigh 122.8 kg. They were measured in Rome on March 18th, 2010. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Records)

    Janet Estevez (from USA) brought together the largest collection of objects with Mickey Mouse – it contains 2,760 different things – at the time of December 11, 2008. The collection was collected in 1960. (Paul Michael Hughes / Guinness World Record

    John Cassidy has created the largest model airplane out of balloons . (Richard Bradbury / Guinness World Records)



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