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    Default Global Party-The Biggest and Most Exclusive Party in 2011

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    Global Party-The Biggest and Most Exclusive Party in 2011

    The Party will be called the Global Party and it will be one of the biggest party and the most historical event in 2011 or perhaps in the 20-21th century. The party is planned to be held in Thursday 15th and Friday 16th September 2011.

    What will make the party so grand, The party will be held spontaneously from 80 different locations around the globe. Actually, the party is planned for a good cause. It is held to raise charity to the ARK or Absolute Return for Kid

    To be detail, each of different location will be filled by 1,000 influential people and in total, Global party will be visited by 80,000 most influential people start from actor, actress, musician, politicians ,scientist, entrepreneurs, and many more.

    Each guess on the party, will be given a special non-buy-able- Global Party Key-2 Luxury silver key ring as the ticket to enter the venue of the party

    This Global party is pioneered by famous hedge fund veteran Lord Stanley Fink and lifestyle adviser David Johnstone. Because the event will be gigantic, the premier press will be released on 17th of March 2011 at La Zagaleta and the Marbella Club, Marbella, Spain

    The Global Party will host 80+ parties from different venues around the world and all within 24 hours with 80,000+ guesses from different places.

    The big parties will be host spontaneously from different venues in Amsterdam, Cape Town, Delhi, Dubai, Marbella, Marrakech, Melbourne, Mexico City, New York, Sao Paulo and Shanghai any many other locations.

    This is the map:



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