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    Default Funny Breakfast - food art - Dad crafts amazing 3D pancakes

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    food art - Dad crafts amazing 3D pancakes

    When one father makes breakfast for his daughter, he doesn't settle for smiley faces.

    For anyone who's been showing off their smiley-face or heart-shaped pancakes, it's time to step up your game because has set the bar mighty high. "Just trying to make some cool pancakes for my daughter" is the tagline of his site, which chronicles the special breakfasts he makes for his extremely cute 3-year-old. How has Jim changed the game? First of all, he uses colored pancake batter. Second, as the art director of his own small ad agency he knows how to draw. Third, he works in three dimensions.

    From the pictures we gather that Allie gets a kick out of her dad's edible antics, but he admits with some of the more intricate designs, like his crowning achievement, the Ferris wheel pancake, she may go in the other room to watch morning cartoons.

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    Although the Ferris wheel looks like it necessitated graph paper and an X-Acto knife in addition to pancake batter, Jim says it's all about squeeze bottles. "Those make it almost as easy as drawing with a pencil," he said. OK, but it takes like 6 hours right ? "No matter how complex it is, you only have about 5 minutes to make it before it burns so you have to work quick!" says Jim. "I usually try and think it through in my head first, then dive in and hope for the best.



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