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    Default The Cutest Animal Photos from 2010′s British Cutest Calendar

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    The Cutest Animal Photos from 2010′s British Cutest Calendar

    Images and stunning photos below illustrate the life of “wild” in the UK. From Sheep winter on a snowy hillside until the pig was snoring in front of a bottle of wine and apples scattered. Even a zebra that was born in England who were all inmates at the Safari Park Sommerset, England. Photo taken by a photographer Richard Austin who will be part of British Cutest Calendar 2010.

    ON THE COVER: This tiny dormouse is as light as a feather

    JANUARY: These newborns won't get lose in their bright red jackets

    FEBRUARY: A pair of mute swans for Valentine's Day

    MARCH : This young lam has a spring in his step

    APRIL : Nothing gets past this wise and alert owl

    MAY : He's out on his own for the first time but this gosling is in the pink

    JUNE : This sleepy boar clearly has has one too many

    JULY : Watch out, or this playful swan will squirt you

    AUGUST : Chilling out during the long, hot summer

    SEPTEMBER : It's harvest time in the hedgerows for this mouse

    OCTOBER : What do you mean, geese don't hibernate?

    NOVEMBER: Somerset is a bit nippier than the Savannah

    DECEMBER: This cheery fellow proves that winter's here




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