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    Default Agility Saietta Electric Motorcycle Revealed

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    The Light Cycle Motorcycle was very cool, but it was too expensive. The Tron Lightcycle Flash Drive was cool, but it was just a toy. Now the Agility Saietta R Electric Motor Bike is cool, and is just right. Well, actually it is a bit expensive. It also is not officially a Tron Lightcycle, but the creators of this electric motorbike were clearly influenced by its design.

    The Saiette features a cantilever-style front end, while the battery packs look to be configured in a similar chassis design as can be found on the Brammo Empulse. Reaching up to the head tube, the humpís airflow looks like it will pass over the batteries on its way out to the Agni motor. Itís hard to gauge how effective the cooling will actually be, but if it works itís a fairly elegant solution, so kudos there.


    Zero emission electric sports bike
    Plug-and-play upgrades to higher power levels, with new component options throughout its lifetime
    Body design maximises battery space by using the area behind the handlebars, which is normally only used for tank-bags on conventional motorcycles
    Advanced suspension geometry achieves both exceptional stability and razor-sharp direction changing agility
    Composite monocoque chassis
    Clutchless transmission for maximum intuitive control
    Confident upright Naked Bike/Streetfighter riding position
    Double wishbone front suspension

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