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    Default 8 Ways to Make Your Kids More Genius

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    8 Ways to Make Your Kids More Genius

    Every parent expects their children to be smart, clever, and wise than other children. The experts said, though the intelligence of a child is closely related to genetically inherited, but a lot of scientific research shows that coaching after birth is also an important factor that should not be ignored.
    Here’s some 8 ways to make your children get smart and genius more than other children:

    1. Learning Music

    Learning Music

    This is a great way to enhance right-brain with relax and easy. According to the University of Toronto study, music lessons can improve the intelligence quotient and school achievement of a child. Even the longer the research conducted, the results became more clear.

    2. Give Breast Milk

    Give breast milk

    Many scientific studies show that breast milk other than providing a variety of nutrients, also can enhance immune response and infant intelligence. A baby who breastfed for nine months, significantly more intelligent than the babies who consume breast milk for only a month.

    3. Child Sport Groups

    Child sport groups

    The team of researchers from the University of Illinois has proved the relationship between sport and learning in school for children.
    Research from Oppenheimer Funds in fact shows that the group exercise not only improve confidence,
    build a spirit of togetherness, can even lead nurturing skills.
    Eighty-one percent of the company director and directress when young, all had joined in an organization’s activities.

    4. Child-Games

    Child Games

    Indeed, there are many games that can make players into a brutal, eccentric or lazy thinking. But there are also some games that can improve sociality spirit, creativity and inspiration, even anyone can train children to think with wisdom and skills to make a plan. Research at the University of Rochester also found that children who play games more skilled in finding a sense of visual clues in the study.

    5. Rejecting Junk Food

    Reject Junk Food

    Reduce eating foods with high sugar yield, abstain from various high-fat foods and other junk food. Conversely, multiply healthy eating nutritious foods, this will enhance intelligence and motor development of children, especially for infants who have not completed two years. This is very important. For example, a child should eat some iron to help brain growth. If less than the amount,nerve conduction impulses will be weakened.

    6. Nurturing Curiosities

    Nurturing Curiosity

    The experts reveal, when parents encourage children to have their own thoughts, It’s actually direct them to the importance of knowledge demands. Paying attention to children’s interests, introduce and teach new skills to them at every opportunity to educate outside the house, all of those is excellent way to nurture the child to get desire knowledge.

    7. More Reading

    More Reading

    In line with technological advances, many people ignore the importance of reading. Reading is an important way of increasing intelligence quotient, the most direct and effective. Reading stories to children, became a member of the library and collect all the reading books is a good way to nurture a child’s reading interests.

    8. Make Breakfast as habit

    Breakfast Habit

    Proverb which says “the bird that get up early will get food” is not without basis. Far since 1970, scientific research found that a child who breakfast on the morning have a better memory, more able to concentrate and also able to learn faster from the children that did not eat breakfast at all. Eat a piece of cake or a glass of milk, this will be very help in learning.




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